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A CFA Registered Cattery

Male or Female, which will make a better pet?

Just about everyone asks us this question! Some people seem to have very strong feelings about this; however, we don’t really see a marked difference between which makes a better pet, male, or female. We believe it really depends on how you raise your kitten. The type of home atmosphere you have, how active your home is, weather there are other pets,etc... These factors will all effect the personality of your new kitten. We only see a difference with our unaltered, adult cats, and even then, no difference in affection or their wanting to play!

Don’t worry, ALL Shorthair cats and kittens love to have fun, and all of our cats and kittens are raised that way!

How old will my kitten be when I get him/her?

Our kittens are all litter trained by six weeks, and fully weaned and eating solid kitten food by eight weeks. At that point, they are cleared by our veterinary specialists to go to their new, forever home. However, we like to keep our kittens with us until they reach the age of ten to fourteen weeks, depending on the individual kitten. We feel this little bit of extra time with us, their mothers and siblings, gives them a little extra bit of confidence, when heading out into their new world.

Will my new kitten get along with other pets?

Exotic Shorthairs have incredible outgoing personalities, and will get along with everyone. It is very important to remember your kitten is a baby, and everything will be new to them! We always suggest keeping your kitten separated for a short period of time to acclimate to the sights, sounds, and smells of their new home. Other pets should be kept away, and slowly introduced under continue supervision and observation. We can help you more based on the individual personality of your new kitten.


White Exotic Shorthair Kitten
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