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The Love for our Exotics shows

At Von Becher Exotics, we specialize in the breeding of healthy ESH (Exotic Shorthair) cats that have extreme (rare) coat colors and patterns, as well as unique, and extreme (rare) eye color. Our kittens not only make incredible pets, but are visually breathtaking, and we believe that sets us apart from other breeders. Our kittens are pretty spectacular, and we think you will agree!

Von Becher Exotics maintain the highest level of breeding standards, practices, protocols and appearance, with an eye for beauty and detail. Our goal is to bring that level of excellence, to our clients when they purchase their new kitten, or cat from us.

We choose our adult cats based on their excellent health, family health history, outstanding pedigree. We are particularly fond of lines that produce rarity of coat and eye colors.  All of our cats have been DNA tested to confirm pedigree and breeding standards are met. All of our cats and kittens are PKD negative, and we are a Felv/FIV tested cattery.

We work very closely with our veterinary specialists to ensure that we maintain CFA Breed Standards, without compromising the health of our cats and kittens.

Von Becher Exotics cats and kittens are our family, their health and happiness are paramount to us! We raise all of our cats and kittens underfoot, so they are never caged or crated. Because of this, our kittens are incredibly social and loving, and will ready to be your new life companion or family pet. Your new kitten will be fully weaned, eating, and are completely litter trained.

It is our goal to ensure that our kittens will find their forever safe and happy home.

Our cats and kittens are seen by their veterinary specialists at regularly scheduled visits. They are all continually health screened, and all receive vaccinations and boosters as required. Von Becher Exotics maintain meticulous health records, and you will receive your kittens upon delivery. Our kittens all come with an A+ Veterinary Health Clearance before they leave our home for yours.

As a CFA Registered Breeder and Cattery, ALL of our cats and kittens are registered with CFA, and that registration will transfer to you, when you purchase your new pet from us. The hereditary lines we choose to breed with are some of the most respected in the world, most have produced many Champion, and Grand Champion winners. Your kittens continued excellent health, and beauty is a direct result of our selective breeding practices.



Karl Becher

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